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What is it - What is it not?

Erasmus+ Program is the new program that will be implemented to replace the Lifelong Learning and Youth Programs implemented by the European Union in the field of education and youth between 2007 and 2013. Although it is mainly based on project activities, it also includes individual activities.



1-Erasmus+ program is not a "foreign language learning program".
2- Erasmus+ program is not a "scholarship" program.
3- Erasmus+ program is not a "diploma" program.


What is the difference between Erasmus and Erasmus+?

Although the foundation of Erasmus+ is based on Erasmus, Erasmus+ is a program that was initiated and expanded in the 2014-2020 period. The scope of Erasmus+ also includes areas of education beyond higher education. This program appeals to a wider range of participants by supporting projects operating in different fields such as youth projects, internships, teacher training, sports and long-term learning.

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