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Youth Exchange

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange projects are interactive and participatory programs organized to support the personal development of young people, create cultural awareness and increase social responsibility awareness. These projects can generally be explained under these three headings:


Intercultural Interaction and Exchange

Youth Exchange projects create an important platform for cultural exchange by bringing together young people from different countries. Participants have the opportunity to share their own culture as well as learn about the cultures of other participants. This helps young people become more conscious of tolerance, openness and cultural diversity.


Personal and Social Development

Projects focus on developing young people's personal and social skills. In addition to skills such as leadership, communication, problem solving and teamwork, it is aimed to increase self-confidence and gain awareness of social responsibility. Participants reinforce these skills through interactive workshops, training courses and group studies.

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Community Participation and Sustainability

Projects encourage young people to be active individuals who are sensitive to social problems. Awareness is created on issues such as sustainability, environmental awareness and social solidarity. Within the scope of the projects, young people have the opportunity to develop and implement small-scale social responsibility projects for their own communities. This encourages young people to contribute more effectively to society.

How can I join?


Becoming a Participant

To participate in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange projects, first follow the announcements of the projects. When you find a project that interests you, review the application requirements and apply online by preparing the required documents. If your application is accepted, complete the participation process by following the information of the organization organizing the project.  The application may include documents such as CV, motivation, as well as interviews. Since the specific conditions of each project are different, it is important to follow the steps by carefully examining the official documents of the project.


Participation Conditions

To participate in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange projects, you generally must be between the ages of 13-30. 1 Group Leader is selected and there is no age limit for the Group Leader. It is preferred that you have leadership skills, social responsibility and collaboration abilities. There is no requirement to speak English to participate in projects. Projects are usually done in English, so a basic knowledge of English is sufficient. Applications are usually made through youth organisations, associations or educational institutions. The application process involves a process of following project announcements, and may also include interviews. Since each project has its own special conditions, it is important that you review the official documents of the project in detail before applying.

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