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Training Course

The Erasmus+ training course supports the professional development of youth workers through the implementation of multinational/international training activities in an organization operating in the field of youth. Youth workers who are 18 years of age and over can attend a training course between 2 days and 2 months, excluding travel days. All activities and activity duration are predetermined at the application stage of the project. All activities can be adapted and combined according to the needs and desired impact identified by the participating organizations when organizing the project.

The training course should have a clear impact on the professional development of the participating youth workers, on their regular work with young people, and contribute to the capacity building of their organizations for quality youth work. The learning outcomes, including any materials, innovative methods, and tools, should be disseminated to contribute to quality improvement of youth work and/or to promote youth policy development and cooperation in the youth field.


Mobility in the training course is international and involves at least two participating organisations (sending and receiving organisation) from different countries. A maximum of 50 participants are included.


Croatia Training Course
August 2023

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