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Polonya Training Course Projesi Katılımcı Çağrısı

Project Name: Follow The Leader

Venue: Warsaw Poland

Dates: 14/05/2024 - 21/05/2024 (including travel dates)

Participants: 18+ years old

General Information:

The Follow the Leader project educates youth workers, especially those in non-governmental organizations, on team management and effective Project Management. Participants gain skills in areas like team management, communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision- making. The project starts with identifying key managerial traits through SWOT analysis, evaluating communication skills. Emphasis is placed on time management, planning, delegation, and fostering positive team relationships. Individual assessments guide the creation of personalized managerial development plans, encompassing goals, actions, training, and

mentoring. The project explores innovative management methods for continuous improvement. Managers learn various approaches such as democratic, autocratic, situational, and transformational management, understanding their pros and cons. Stress management techniques, time management, and work-life balance are addressed. The project promotes a holistic approach to skill enhancement, ensuring managers leverage strengths and address areas for development.


you are youth worker

you want to be a good manager

you lack the right skills to be a good manager

you are creative, determined and committed

you are motivated to participate in the project

you are ready for intensive days filled with activities from morning to evening

you are open to working in an international team

you know English at least on a basic level, you can speak and write English freely

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