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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects in 3 Steps Part-1

Hello friends, today I will be talking to you about the Youth Exchange from Erasmus + projects in 3 steps and talking about the tricks. In today's article, we will be talking about the pre-project process. On the basis of Youth Exchanges, intercultural exchange and interaction, personal development, etc. There are many gains such as personal development, etc. For a detailed overview, you can access the Erasmus + tab on our website. Let's get into the subject without much introduction.

Our 3 steps can be listed as follows:


2-Project Process

3-Project Post

1- Pre-Project:

If you ask what is the pre-project process, first of all, the pre-project process can be divided into several sections, which can be listed as follows; Eligibility, Europass Cv Preparation, Project Search, Preparing a motivation letter suitable for the project and Application.

Eligibility: In the eligibility section, we ask ourselves:

Is our age suitable for applying for projects (am I between the ages of 13-30 as stated by the Turkish National Agency)?

Group leaders must be over 18 years of age and there is no upper age limit.

Do I have an idea about the subject of the project we plan to apply for? (There is detailed information about the projects and the process in the Information Packs of the projects.)

Am I available on the dates when the project I plan to apply for will take place?

We should determine our suitability for the project by asking questions such as.

Europass Cv: Preparing a CV is an important competence both in applying for projects and at many points in our lives. It is very important to introduce yourself in the best way to someone who will get to know you for the first time through CV. At this point, it is very important that our CV is short, concise and effective. Including the social responsibility projects and events you have participated in in your CV is very important in participant selection. I will publish a more detailed article on Europass Cv writing, stay tuned!

Project Search: You can follow @cosmosyouth account on Instagram to search for project announcements or you can find and apply for projects through websites that share project calls on the internet.

Motivation Letter: Although it is not included in every project application, the motivation letter, also known as a letter of intent, is based on the purpose of introducing yourself better than your CV and expressing your command of the project. If you have taken part in an event about the project topic before, it is also useful to indicate this.

Application: Make sure that your language level and other personal information are correct during the application. When you follow these steps one by one, the pre-project process will be completed.

After your application, do not forget to follow your e-mail and the sending organisation of the project you applied for so that you will be informed when the results are announced.

I wish you good luck :)

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