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We were invited by the European Parliament to participate in the 2024 European Youth Week.

European Youth Week was celebrated with various events across Europe between 12-19 April 2024. The opening event of EYW2024, which we are a part of as Cosmos Youth Association and which was celebrated with various informational events in Europe, was held with the participation of guests from different countries and organizations. The event was held for a week at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Participants in the event where young people's opinions and suggestions were received before the 2024 EU elections; He participated in various and innovative sessions on networking, digital citizenship, artificial intelligence and the enrichment of the Erasmus+ Program with the European Diploma Programme. near future. Thanks to these events, it was aimed for young people to share their ideas about the future of Europe and to contribute to the work done to make Europe a better place for young people. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Furkan Hergül, attended the program on behalf of Cosmos Youth Association.

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