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Türkiye'de İkamet eden Katılımcılar için Başvuru Formu /Application Form for Turkish Residence Participants:

Application Form for Slovenian Residence Participants:



Project Dates: 25 Mart - 3 Nisan2024

Proje Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - Gençlik Değişimi

Gönderici Kuruluş: Cosmos Youth

* Participating Countries: Slovenia, Türkiye, Georgia, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic.

* Proje Türkiye'de yaşayan 18-30 yaş arası tüm gençlerin başvurusuna açıktır. (herhangi bir pasaport sahibi olma önceliği yoktur. Tüm pasaport sahipleri başvurabilir.)

⏳Deadline for application: 07st of February 2024

*Ulaşım, konaklama, vize, yeme içme masrafları proje kapsamında karşılanacaktır.

What is the Racism Free-World project about? ☮

Racism is a form of discrimination based on prejudices about racial differences between people. It is expressed through behavior, discrimination and actions. Despite the progress made in the last decade, racism remains a deep problem and issue in societies around the world, especially in rural areas, outside the cities, where it is only now emerging and still remains a "taboo" subject. Discrimination is present among people on a daily basis, it is faced especially by young people, it affects individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Today, in the presence of globalization, societies are becoming increasingly diverse, but diversity is not fully accepted in a positive way, which in turn leads to discrimination or racism.   

  RULES: Participants commit to participating in all planned workshops and activities of the event Respect for diversity and tolerance towards other participants are fundamental principles. Everyone is expected to respect the opinions, cultures, and backgrounds of fellow participants Participants pledge to show respect towards other attendees, presenters, and event organizers Consumption of alcohol during the event is not allowed. This is to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all participants. Smoking is not permitted during the workshops and in enclosed spaces to ensure the comfort and health of all participants. It is mandatory to obtain European health insurance before attending   

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