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Passport Types and Power in Türkiye

Today we will discuss the types of passports in our country and their power worldwide. If we list the types of passports in our country:

1- Burgundy Passport (Public Passport)

2- Green Passport (Special Passport)

3- Grey Passport (Duty Passport / Service Passport)

4- Black Passport (Diplomatic Passport)

in the form of a public passport. Our public passport, which can be used by every individual in our country, ranks 47th worldwide according to the "Guide Passport Ranking Index" ranking by providing visa-free access to 117 countries as of 2023.

1-Burgundy Passport (Public Passport):

Burgundy passport, which can also be called a public passport, is a type of passport that every citizen of the Republic of Turkey can obtain by applying. It is the type of passport with the most travel restrictions. It is issued by the Ministry of Interior or institutions and consulates authorised by the ministry. The duration of the burgundy passport is at least 6 months but not more than 10 years. Students can have a burgundy passport by paying only the book fee. As of 2024, the current book fee is 793 Turkish lira.

2-Green Passport (Special Passport):

The green passport, which can be called a private passport, is issued to permanent staff working officially in government offices and their families. The biggest advantage of people with a green passport is that it provides visa-free access to many European countries. Green passports are issued to former presidents and members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, permanent civil servants and public officials, provincial and district presidents in metropolises, state athletes, retired former mayors.

3-Grey Passport (Duty Passport / Service Passport):

The grey passport group, called service passport, is a type of passport issued to officials who go abroad to represent an institution. The grey passport, which offers visa-free entry to many countries, is personal. Therefore, the families of grey passport holders cannot benefit from this passport group. The grey passport cannot be used for travel purposes, it can only be used for duty purposes.

4- Black Passport (Diplomatic Passport):

The black passport, which can also be called a diplomatic passport, is a type of passport issued to state elders. It is the most powerful passport type in our country. Unlike other types, the black passport is issued to individuals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not by the Ministry of Interior. With this type of passport, which remains valid until the end of the duty, state officials can enter and exit many countries without a visa during their term of office.

If you want to issue a passport, you can access the most accurate information on the subject from the pages of NVI (General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs), which is one of the state channels.

Today's topic was passports, we talked about the types and differences of passports in general terms. If you already have a passport or if you have decided to issue a passport, Cosmos's projects are waiting for you, apply for projects without wasting any time and get the chance to experience different countries and different cultures.

Cosmos wishes you a happy day...

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